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Klamath Falls, Oregon 1 comment

I ordered an cabinet from ShipTheWeb with their assurance of shipping "usually within three days" and they'd send me an email notification when the item was shipped.I received the order acknowledgment 19 days ago, along with a notice of billing to my credit card.

however, there has been not one word from them since, despite my calls (always get an answering machine and no return calls) and several emails to their "contact us - customer service" address. While I understand the holiday-related shipping delays, and the fact they may be waiting on the item from the manufacturer; but they have given me NO response of any kind to even explain this.

I regret using ShipTheWeb and urge anyone to NOT USE this outfit!

Go elsewhere for your shopping.

Review about: Audio Storage Cabinet.


Manor, England, United Kingdom #26580

What did the item show up as on your billing statement for your credit card?Did it read Ship the Web or something else?

Im wondering because Ive lost my order tracking number and am having a very similar problem with the Rhodia notebooks I ordered from them weeks ago and havent received.Thanks!

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